Whistle: No Profit, No Loss Venture

October 02, 2020 17:58: PM

Vijay’s much-hyped ‘Whistle’, the Telugu version of ‘Bigil’, has fizzled out after the initial hoopla. The film saw a huge dent in its collections after the first Monday.

After the second weekend, the theaters have almost winded up the shows. It is now running on limited screens. But the business has been almost closed.

Lack of good content, weak music, and lengthy runtime were the reasons why it petered out. Plus, the strong run by Karthi’s “Khaidi” has affected the movie adversely.

While “Khaidi” picked up collections drastically after the first Monday and became the preferred choice for all in its second week, “Whistle” closed its business.

The film was sold for Rs 11 Cr in the Telugu states. The share is almost the same. So, there is no gain for the Telugu producer.

Vijay might have gained market in Telugu but for the producer, it is another Vijay movie that didn’t bring any money.