We got Juicy Offers to Release Jathi Ratnalu on OTT. But…: Anudeep

March 09, 2021 15:01: PM

‘Pittagoda’ fame Anudeep KV directed ‘Jathi Ratnalu’ starring Naveen Polishetty, Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna in the lead roles. The comedy entertainer is all set to hit the screens on 11th March 2021. On this occasion, director Anudeep shared a few interesting aspects of this film.

What the film is about and how Nag Ashwin chose you?

The film is about three dumb fellows who don’t know anything about law, live on doing petty crimes. And the situations they fall into will produce hilarious entertainment to the audience. Liking my short film ‘Missed Call’ which I made ten years back, Nag Ashwin gave me the opportunity.

Any Inspiration behind making this movie?

No, nothing like that but this idea struck when Nag Ashwin decided to make a complete entertainer.

Why did you choose Naveen, Darshi and Rahul?

Nag Ashwin finalised Naveen. But we ended up with Darshi and Rahul after doing so many auditions. Finally, we realised that both of them suit the best for the roles. In the movie, they won’t act comically. But, watching their actions provide all the entertainment and fun.

Any pressure to release this movie on OTT due to lockdown?

Absolutely not. Nag is a very cool guy and he deals with everything including production also in a similar manner. Of course, we got many juicy offers from OTT platforms. But, we decided to give a real theatrical experience to the audience.

Did Nag Ashwin give any Inputs?

I, Nag Ashwin and Samar developed the story and we all three discussed and decided everything including the screenplay to provide a complete laughing riot to the audience. Moreover, Ashwin likes comedy very much and that’s what he liked in me also.

How did you get the Idea to cast Brahmanandam as a Judge?

Swapna Dutt recommended Brahmanandam. Actually, there were only a couple of scenes for the judge in the movie. But after roping in the veteran comic actor, we developed the character for 20 minutes. Those scenes will definitely stand out in the movie.

What about your next projects?

My next project will also be in the same banner. I am working on three scripts at the moment including a martial comedy and a drama. Let’s see how it goes.

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