Watch How Elated Kids Jump and Cling to Allu Arjun!

May 12, 2021 13:34: PM

Allu Arjun tested negative for Covid 19 after being in quarantine for 15 days. The actor gave a lot of relief to his fans by posting about his health status earlier today on his Instagram account. Besides, he also asked every one to stay home and stay safe.

After being in home quarantine for 15 long days away from his kids, Allu Arjun might have certainly missed them a lot. Besides, he also kept posting few videos of them which are taken from a safer distance while he was in quarantine.

Finally, the Allu scion got to meet his loving children and family after couple of weeks. Posting a video on his social media account, Allu Arjun wrote ‘Meeting family after testing negative and 15 days of quarantine. Missed the kids soo much.’

In the video, we can see his son Ayaan and daughter Arha came running and jumping for his father’s embrace after so long. The moment is really emotional as one can see how badly his kids were missing their father all these days.



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