Sonu Sood Airlifts a Critical Covid Patient to Hyderabad

April 23, 2021 20:07: PM

Actor Sonu Sood emerged as the messiah of the masses in real life since Covid 19 started creating havoc in the country from March 2020. The actor popular for playing the protagonist has turned out to be a real hero by helping several migrant workers to reach their destinations and is also extending financial aid to several others to lead their lives normally in tough times.

Recently, he helped a Nagpur-based airline employee Bharti Kispotta in getting admission to Hyderabad’s Apollo Hospital by airlifting her. Sood was made aware of Bharti’s health condition by her colleague ‘Hudson Misal’.

It is reported that Bharti’s health deteriorated after she tested positive for Covid and doctors advised her a better treatment as 80-85% of her lungs are damaged. Sonu Sood who himself was battling Covid got in contact with the Apollo doctors and found that ECMO treatment is available to treat the patient.

So, she was immediately airlifted and got admitted to Apollo at Hyderabad. Doctors said that there are only a 20% of chances for her survival. But the actor clarified that they decided to take the chances as the patient is just 25 years old.

Sonu Sood is confident that Bharti will come out healthy by getting the best medical care. At the same time, the actor’s latest test reports showed that he is Covid negative. And he shared the good news with his followers on his Instagram account.

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