Sekhar Kammula Clarification on Saranga Dariya Komali Controversy

March 10, 2021 17:47: PM

‘Saranga Dariya’ song from ‘Love Story’ is rocking the internet with over 36 million views already in about a week’s time after its release. And the number is ticking every moment. Meanwhile, a huge controversy has erupted over the credits and a lot of TV discussions are going on. So, director Sekhar Kammula finally opened up and clarified everything pertaining to the controversy surrounding ‘Saranga Dariya’ by posting a long note on social media.

Sekhar expressed that he is a person who always honours creative rights since his first film. The director said that he used Lucky Ali song in his first film ‘Dollar Dreams’. ‘For that, I paid the amount to the music company and credited him as well. Apart from that, I also gave an opportunity to the singer in my next film ‘Anand.’ stated Kammula.

In the rejoinder, Sekhar stated ‘To be frank, several songs traverse through my mind while making a film. Likewise, I was hovering around ‘Saranga Dariya’ since I heard it for the first time long back in Sirisha’s voice in the ‘Rela Re Rela’ programme.’

The director expressed that he was very satisfied when Suddala set the tempo and notes of this folk song to suit the film. After deciding to record the song, Sekhar approached Sirisha through his Assistant Director (AD). The ‘Fida’ director explained that Sirisha couldn’t sing the song as she was ready to deliver a baby when approached by his AD.

In the meantime, the shooting, as well as the recording, were postponed due to the pandemic. Once the lockdown was lifted, the shooting of ‘Love Story’ began but the empathetic movie unit decided not to disturb Sirisha, a mother by then with a newborn baby. So, they shot the song in November just on track singer’s version.

Sekhar Kammula clarified that he got to know from Suddala Ashok Teja, that two singers were competing to sing the song after the release of the movie’s promo. ‘So, I decided to record the song with Komali as Suddala told she was the one who brought light to this Telangana folk song.’ revealed Kammula.

Accordingly, the director planned to record the song with her. The makers were also ready to pick her to Hyderabad by arranging transport to the singer residing in Warangal. But, Komali suffering from a cold then, expressed her helplessness.

As the song was already announced and the music director was also asked to come to Hyderabad from Chennai, Komali was informed about the situation in which they had to go ahead with the recording inevitably.’ We explained everything to her and also assured her of credits, money and an opportunity to sing at the audio function. And she agreed to that.’ stated the director.

Finally, Sekhar Kammula clarified that the response was delayed as he was busy in post-production but assured that all the promises made to Komali will be kept.