Sekhar Kammula and Komali Clear the Air on Saranga Dariya

March 17, 2021 17:51: PM

Saranga Dariya song from Love Story is rocking the internet and it has already crossed 60 million views on youtube and the number is ticking every second. Meanwhile, a controversy has erupted over Komali not singing this sensational Telangana folk song. And also, she expressed her discontent with the makers and even on lyricist Suddala Ashok Teja too.

Amid this controversy, director Sekhar Kammula gave a clarification recently on why they ended up with Mangli and assured every kind of support that Komali deserves. Accordingly, Komali has met Sekhar in person and cleared the air of controversies blowing over the song.

Komali clarified that she is jubilant to meet Sekhar Kammula and revealed that the director promised her an opportunity to sing in his next project. Expressing that she has no issues with this song henceforth, Komali also clarified that she is very much satisfied with the assurance of letting her sing Saranga Dariya in audio function.

Subsequently, Sekhar Kammula stated that the communication gap has created all the controversy. Reminding that he keeps all his promises, Sekhar reiterated that he will let Komali sing if there is any folk song in his next film.

‘We spoke heart to heart in person and hope this puts an end to all the controversy surrounding this issue.’ expressed the Love Story Director.