Ravi Teja Ends Up With Single Digit Again!

October 02, 2020 17:59: PM

Not long ago, energetic hero Ravi Teja used to be in the forefront among the Telugu film stars having a range of at least Rs 25 crore. Now, he is struggling to get a share of even Rs 10 crore.

His latest film “Disco Raja” has turned out to be a big disaster so much that it is difficult to get even Rs 10 crore share in the market.

The film makers thought it would safer for them if the film fetches at least Rs 22 crore from theatres, but it is going to end up with less than half of the expected revenues for sure.

So, it is going to be the fourth successive film of Ravi Teja that failed to get even Rs 10 crore share in the market. If it cannot secure revenues even from Hindi dubbing rights and digital rights, the producer cannot even achieve a break-even.

Despite a series of flop shows and his films are not able to get even Rs 10 crore share in the market, Ravi Teja had been firm on his remuneration all these days. But now, he will be forced to scale down and compromise on his fee.

Heroes like Sai Dharam Tej, who brought down their remuneration when their markets were down, bounced back to their original position. But Ravi Teja seems to be of the view that he would regain his star image with the click of just one film.

But trade analysts say Ravi Teja should come to terms with his position and realise the tastes of audiences. Otherwise, he would continue to face the bad days!

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