Prabhas and Chiranjeevi Dominate BO Charts

October 02, 2020 17:57: PM

Currently, Prabhas is the king of the box-office among Tollywood top stars.

Whether you term him number one star or not, the fact is that his flops are collecting double the amount than the super hits of some top stars.

If he can show the same power with his next film, all doubts about his stardom will be laid to rest forever.

After Prabhas, only megastar Chiranjeevi has that pulling power to bring in such big numbers.

“Sye Raa”, that completed its first week run on a terrific note, stands in the top charts of both the collections of the Telugu states and worldwide.

Prabhas’s three movies dominate in all lists. Chiranjeevi is not far behind. He ruled the industry for more than 30 years as number one star.

However, he was not in the race for the last 12 years. He is back with a bang with “Khaidi No 150” and continued the same momentum with “Sye Raa”.