Pawan Kalyan’s New Remake News

October 02, 2020 18:03: PM

It is a common phenomenon that any big star loves to do a remake out of a superhit film from another language. Power Star Pawan Kalyan is already working in “Vakeel Saab”, a remake.

But he seems to be adopting the same in politics as well. Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi has released some pictures and videos online where he was seen with peacocks and his garden.

Today Pawan Kalyan has released 20 pictures from his farmhouse reminding Modi’s recent photoshoot.

He is looking with dhoti and big beard these days, maybe to be in sync with Hindutva factor of BJP.

His affinity for BJP is known to all and many are saying that since Yogi Adityanath was made the CM of UP, Pawan must be assuming that a yogi/rishi kind of look helps him for better recognition in the party.

But the point to be noted is that he appeared like a communist when he projected himself with the image of Che Guvera. But now, it’s completely opposite. He is in the mood of sanyasin now.