Pawan Kalyan Recovers from Covid-19

May 08, 2021 14:07: PM

Powertar Pawan Kalyan who tested positive for Covid-19 last month has now recovered from the Coronavirus. Jana Sena Party released an official statement regarding the health status of the star. It is clarified that the RT-PCR test done three days back came negative.

‘Barring fatigue, Pawan Kalyan’s health is fine with no other complaint’ read the statement. It also mentioned that the actor-politician is thankful to all the fans and followers who prayed for his speedy recovery.

After being tested positive for the virus, Pawan Kalyan got quarantined at his farm house. His health condition was regularly monitored by a team of three doctors. Moreover, Ram Charan and Upasana were constantly in touch with those doctors and Pawan.

Jana Sena statement also mentioned that the ‘Vakeelsaab’ actor has appealed everyone to follow the instructions of medical experts if contracted with the virus.