Maharshi Fails in Second Weekend

October 02, 2020 09:31: AM

Mahesh Babu’s “Maharshi” can safely be declared as a flop in USA market now. The film is unlikely to cross $2 million mark.

By end of its second weekend, “Maharshi” grossed mere $1.7 million. This is going to be a huge flop in overseas market.

The distributors hoped that it would perform on strong note in its second weekend as there is no competition from Hollywood or Bollywood films either but it has added less than $150k over the weekend to its total tally.

#2ndWk Fri: 48k Sat: 78k Sun: 37k Total Gross: $1.74 million

After “Brahmotsavam” and “Spyder”, this is another major flop for Mahesh Babu in overseas market.

As Mahesh Babu’s producers are increasingly demanding exorbitant prices for the the overseas rights, his movies are becoming tough to reach break-even when the word-of-mouth and reviews are not encouraging.