I Used to Fight for Amitabh : Pawan Kalyan

April 05, 2021 11:29: AM

The pre-release event of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming film ‘Vakeelsaab’ was held yesterday with much glitter and grandeur. The movie releases on 9th April 2021. Pawan addressed the gathering for about an hour during the event sharing several interesting things that resulted in materialising the project.

The star turned politician said that he never felt the three-year hiatus from the films and revealed that ‘Vakeel Saab’ happened due to Trivikram Srinivas as he was the one who brought the subject in Dil Raju’s mind to his notice.
And also, the actor expressed that he should have done a project with such a good producer much earlier.

Subsequently, Pawan Kalyan stated that he was fortunate to work with a director like Venu Sriram who is also his great fan. Furthermore, PSPK shared how he was destined to enter films and clarified that he was a strong fan of Amitabh Bachchan.

‘As you like me, I used to be a hardcore fan of Amitabh. And I used to fight with my sister and my brother Nagababu if they said something against Bachchan.’ shared Pawan.

Moreover, the ‘Jalsa’ actor also spoke about women’s safety in the country and added that he used to go out wielding a stick against the mobs who tease the women artists during the shoots while picturising in other states like Kerala.

‘I used to get upset with the behaviour of few people who misbehave with the girls while shooting in other states. So, I used to act strong during such incidents feeling that I am worthless as a hero on screen when I couldn’t save the women in real life.’ stated Powerstar.

Finally, he thanked the makers of Pink, Trivikram, Dil Raju and the director for making this film with Nobel content happen.