I got a ‘Kick’ working in ‘Red’: Nivetha Pethuraj

January 05, 2021 05:36: AM

Ram Pothineni’s ‘Red’ is a remake of the Tamil film ‘Thadam’. Kishore Thirumala’s action thriller will hit the screens for Sankranti on the 14th of January. Hero Ram plays a dual role in the movie, while Malavika Sarma and Nivetha Pethuraj play the female leads. In the run-up to its release, actress Nivetha had a special chat with the media.

How do you feel as your film is getting released for Sankranti?

We all celebrate Sankranti and coming to this festival is a big deal. I was happy when initially this movie was planned for a release on 25th December 2020. But finally, I am even happier with Sankranti’s release.

How did your journey start in Red?

I worked with Director Kishore Thirumala earlier in ‘Chtralahari’ and he informed me much before that he will do the remake of ‘Thadam’ telling me that I was going to be a part of it. Then immediately I accepted to do the film without knowing the story or watching the original because I wanted to be fresh, but watched one scene as it demanded to conceive it in that style.

How did you transform into the role of a police officer?

I just walked into the sets as myself and I didn’t need to do anything while working with a director like Kishore sir. He only transformed me into the role every day in every take as he had the utmost clarity. I delivered whatever he told me and it was an easy experience working with him.

What do you feel about working in back to back films with director Kishore Thirumala?

He is one director with whom I will accept a film without even listening to the script. I have great confidence and love working with him. Similarly, Vivek Athreya is another director whom I would like to work with knowing the story or the script.

How is working with Ram?

Ram is very professional who has a weird sense of humor. He tells a joke and breaks into laughter. Above all, both Ram and Kishore speak fluent Tamil and we used to converse in that language on the sets. I am speaking Telugu better now and dubbed myself for the role in Red and finished it off in just 4 days.

Why you are donning a second heroine role?

It is a feeling but my role in Chitralahari was very important. Coming to ‘Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo’  I was portrayed like that. I didn’t watch Trivikram’s films and I accepted the role without any idea on how it will shape up. Finally, I don’t have any regrets as it doesn’t matter whether it is the first or second heroine as long as I fit into the role.

What is the toughest part in portraying a police officer?

I can’t smile much (Laughs) and moreover, I am looking serious in all my films. But the next film ‘Pagal’ will be a complete contrast as it is a pure commercial and I look bubbly in the film.

What are your next projects?

Worked in Virataparvam in a special role and I also had action sequences in this movie. Besides Pagal, I am doing Chandu Mondeti film and makers of Karthika 2 approached me but I have to listen to the script. Also, I will be signing another film soon.

What about glamour roles?

I am ready to do as long as they make sense.

Your role in Red extended?

I did not watch ‘Thadam’. But I saw the entire ‘Red’ while dubbing for the film. Mine was a full-length role that stays on-screen throughout from the 31st minute onwards until the end. And I get a kick doing such roles.

How do you choose scripts?

I was on a signing spree mindlessly when got introduced in Tamil. I regret it now after realizing the importance of doing important roles in ‘Chitralahari,  ‘Mental Madhilo’, Chandu’s film, and even ‘Red’. Henceforth I will be choosier in signing the films based on their reach to the audience.