I am Elated with the Success of Vakeel Saab: Dil Raju

April 09, 2021 22:13: PM

Producer Dil Raju is on cloud 9 since the time Vakeel Saab completed its first screening. He minced no words in sharing his happiness on the day of its release. The star producer watched the early morning show at Kukatpally in Hyderabad and celebrated the Power Star’s return along with the fans.

Speaking with the media, Dil Raju said that he has seen so many blockbusters in his career spanning two decades. ‘But I am feeling something unique with the success of Vakeel Saab. I was so engrossed in the moments of joy that I forgot myself as a producer and joined the celebrations as a fan.’ expressed the producer.

“There were massive expectations on the movie and we knew that it will hit the bull’s eye. But we waited till its release to express that. However, I kept getting calls from all parts of the world saying that the movie is good.

Many said that the first half is good and the second half is exceptional. Director Sriram Venu is travelling with me for 18 years and I still call him a kid. All the credit goes to the director and I immediately called him after watching the film.

I was so enthralled with the positive response to the film that I directly drove to Pawan Kalyan’s house at 7: 30 am in the morning without any prior appointment. Surprisingly, he was sitting outside and later Venu also joined me. We shared the feedback with him and he felt happy with the result.” explained Dil Raju.

Finally, the elated producer facilitated the director for making his dream project a tremendous success.