Allu Arjun’s Favorite Falcon Meets with an Accident!

February 06, 2021 16:33: PM

Allu Arjun’s vanity van ‘Falcon’ is one of the most priced possessions of him. This van has all the comforts and it is reported in news several times and even shared by the actor himself with his fans on social media. Certainly, it is not a surprise to say that even big Bollywood stars also do not have such a luxurious vehicle that boasts all the comforts for the stylish star at the shooting spot.

Unfortunately, it met with an accident on the way from Rampachodavaram. However, the Allu scion was not in the vehicle and the make-up team who were present in it are also reportedly safe.

It is reported that a container vehicle had hit the vanity van from behind when its driver applied the brakes enroute to Hyderabad.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when the ‘Pushpa’ actor was greeted by his little ones at home on his return. His wife Sneha Reddy also shared an adorable homecoming pic of the actor.

Regarding the accident, no injuries were reported and a formal complaint is filed in Khammam rural police station.