Sreekaram is his Real Story : Sharwanand

March 10, 2021 15:50: PM

Sharwanand has garnered a special image for himself in Tollywood by choosing versatile movies. ‘Sreekaran’ is his upcoming film and it is all set to greet the audience on the eve of Sivaratri tomorrow i.e. on March 11. Ram and Gopi Achanta produced this film directed by Kishore B. Sreekaram is said to be a novel concept based on collective farming. On the occasion of its release, Sharwa shared his thoughts about Sreekaram.

What made you choose this subject?

Our ancestors lived on farming. But today a farmer’s son is also not willing to emulate his father these days. This aspect has attracted me instantly. In the movie, we tried to show how one can do farming without leaving their jobs using the present technology on hand. At the same time, the movie also showcases how one can share profits through collective farming.

How it will impact the audience?

Dealing with this kind of message-oriented movies is a razor edge walk. But we made the film without leaving the commercial aspects and emotions. The message that it is everyone’s responsibility to support a farmer definitely evokes a positive thought among the audience.

Explain Your Role in the Movie

I played the role of a guy whose aim was to do agriculture since his childhood. In the process, he leaves his job and had to face his father who saw it all in the field. The sentiment scenes between the father and son are very emotionally designed. However, we did not deal with contemporary issues. Besides, we showed a beautiful love story undercurrent.

How do you feel playing a Farmer?

I have a farmhouse in Hyderabad surroundings. But I rarely got the opportunities to go there. However, lockdown helped me to spend three months of time on the farm. This made me develop a liking for farming. Now I can say that I will end up doing Agriculture if the movie opportunities dry up.

About Director Kishore?

As I said earlier, it is very difficult to deal with such subjects. So, one should be very careful not to make it look like an art film. In this aspect, all the credit goes to the young director who efficiently incorporated all the commercial aspects. In fact, this is his real story. Above all, the producers stood behind us like pillars giving their support. Moreover, we completed the film within the budget. Overall, it is a safe one for all.

How do you feel Chiranjeevi and KTR gracing Pre-release events?

When huge personalities like Chiranjeevi and KTR talk about the film, it will reach the maximum number of audience. Hence, we invited them to the pre-release events. And also, we are planning to arrange a special show for KCR and KTR. Similarly, Prabhas liked the teaser and trailer very much. He assured me that he will tweet about the movie.

Your Next Projects?

I am planning to have three releases this year. ‘Aadavallu Meeku Joharlu’ with director Kishore Thirumala will be a complete entertainer and about 80% of ‘Maha Samudram’ is completed. Simultaneously, I am doing a bilingual in Telugu and Tamil.  And also finalised a subject for Tamil.

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