Vakeel Saab Review : A Solid Comeback for PSPK

April 09, 2021 13:25: PM

Movie: Vakeel Saab

Rating: 3.5/5

Released on: April 06, 2021

Producers: Raju - Sirish

Presented by: Boney Kapoor

Banner: Sri Venkateswara Creations

Director: Sriram Venu

Director of Photography: PS Vinod

Music: Thaman S

Editor: Prawin Pudi

Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Shruti Haasan, Anjali, Nivetha Thomas, Ananya Nagalla, Prakash Raj

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is seen playing the eponymous ‘Vakeel Saab’ in his comeback film. Directed by Venu Sriram, the Telugu remake of Pink has hit the screens across the world today adding to the much excitement of the fans. There is a festive atmosphere across the Telugu states to watch Pawan Kalyan on big screens after a while. Shruti Haasan, Nivetha Thomas, Anjali and Ananya Nagalla played the key roles while Prakash Raj done an important character.


Three working middle-class women Pallavi (Nivetha Thomas), Zareena (Anjali) and, Divya Naik (Ananya Nagalla) share a flat. They attend a small celebration one night and catches a cab to return home. However, they leave it by sensing the driver’s vicious behaviour. When they start asking for a lift, Vamsi a friend of Pallavi and politician’s son who is coming in the same way ends up taking them to a resort before dropping them at their home.

An incident happens there which pushes the girls into serious trouble. Finally, the issue blows up and turns into a legal battle. Suspended Lawyer Satya Dev(Pawan Kalyan) who has a painful past takes up the case to defend the girls. On the other hand, Prakash Raj who plays an eminent lawyer Nanda Gopal is pitted against Vakeel Saab.

How Satya Dev saves the girls from the criminal charge fighting all the odds is the gist of the story.


It is a feast for Pawan Kalyan fans to watch him again on screen. He delivered a power-packed performance as a lawyer in his own style. More than anything else it is proved that Pawan’s star power is intact even after a gap. Either it is an emotional scene, college episode or courtroom drama, Pawan Kalyan nailed the character depicting every emotion very convincingly. His towering screen presence is felt throughout the film every time he appears on the screen. Prakash Raj is pitted equally against Pawan and there needs no introduction about his histrionics in acting. He is just brilliant and his face-off with Pawan in the courtroom scenes is a highlight in the film.

Nivetha Thomas pulled off another solid performance especially excelling in emotional scenes. Anjali also leaves a mark while Ananya’s face looked perfect for her role. Vamshi Krishna played his part as a spoiled brat. Shruti Haasan also did her best in the flashback part. Experienced actors Sarath Babu, Subhaleka Sudhakar, and Mukesh Rishi also delivered fine performances as well.


Dil Raju’s Sri Venkateswara Creations’ production values are top-notch. Keeping the original soul intact, director Venu Sriram beautifully adopted ‘Pink’ into a hero-centric ‘Vakeel Saab’. He connected a right chord in elevating Pawan Kalyan’s image to the liking of his fans. The efforts and the special care taken by Venu to induce the famous antics and fights of Pawan into the film have paid off.

DoP PS Vinod’s visuals are neat and Thaman’s music elevated the movie to another level. Especially, the background score is an asset to the film. Prawin Pudi’s editing is quite good.


Pawan Kalyan
Prakash Raj
Background Score
Interval Block
Second Half
Courtroom Scenes


Keeping the soul of Bollywood’s Pink intact, Vakeel Saab traversed more in the lines of its Tamil remake ‘Nerkonda Paarvai’. In fact, the director gave a feast to Pawan Kalyan fans by incorporating all the elements they expect from their favourite star’s movie. Vakeel Saab is a solid comeback film for Power Star.