Coronavirus Movie Review : It won’t Kill your Time

December 21, 2020 07:31: AM

Movie: Coronavirus

Rating: 3/5

Released On: December 10, 2020

Producer: Ram Gopal Varma

Director: Agasthya Manju

Music: DSR

Cast: Srikanth Iyengar, Vamsee Chaganti, Dora Sai Teja, Sonia Akula, Dakkshi Guttikonda

Off late, director Ram Gopal Varma is being criticized for churning out the run of mill movies banking on controversial subjects. Likewise, many thought that ‘Coronavirus’ movie is also one such attempt when its trailer was released during the lockdown. After a wait, this movie is released in theatres after they are reopened. To put it straight, the makers should be commended for Coronavirus purely on its scale and canvas.


It is a very simple plot stitched around a family and the entire movie unfolds in a single house. The movie starts with a quarrel depicting the adjustment issues of a newly-married girl Rani (Dakshi Guttikonda) in her in-laws’ house. In the meantime, her father in law and the head of the family K Anand Rao (Srikanth Iyengar )receives a phone call informing about the imposed lockdown. The subsequent news about the spread of the virus and the resulted deaths pushes Anand Rao into panic mode.

Meanwhile, Shanti (Sonia Akula) the daughter of Ananda Rao fells ill and develops a chronic cough showing the symptoms of the virus. Then the movie unfolds scenes focusing on how the entire family went through the psychological trauma due to the pandemic. And what happens to this family is the rest of the story.

Technical Aspects

Agasthya Manju can be credited for keeping the suspense and interest in the movie till the end. He successfully captured the emotions of fear and trauma from the actors’ facial expressions. The director used the statements of the Prime Minister and the Chief Ministers efficiently to add to his screenplay. The camera work is ok and also there is not much to speak about DSR’s music. The editing could have been better. However, being made on a small budget, the movie has shaped up well if not extraordinary.


Srikanth Iyengar walks away with all the credit by portraying the emotions of frustration, panic, and helplessness perfectly. Dakshi Guttikonda effortlessly looked realistic in the role of the distressed daughter in law. Vamsee Chaganti balanced his performance as an elder son and a suffocating husband. Sonia Akula suited well for the role of an ill daughter. The guy who played the adolescent son was very natural to his role.


Natural performances




Looks interesting but fails to provide that pure excitement of watching a wholesome movie.

Time of Release


The length of the movie is one and a half hours. So, if you prefer to watch it, this RGV’s Coronavirus won’t kill your time.